What I’m reading today: Another Facebook algorithm change, social hacks, AJ+

  • Facebook has pushed across a change that claims to improve how Facebook shows “timely” posts. After tons of bad publicity during the Ferguson protests — when #Ferguson content lit up Twitter but Facebook seemed blissfully unaware of the national conversation happening — Facebook has now decided that posts that are relevant and timely will be given more prominence in the newsfeed. A post’s timeliness will be determined by its relevance to “trending topics” that Facebook identifies and the rate at which people engage with the post. This is a welcome announcement for many journalists, who have long complained that the platform is not conducive to breaking news.
  • Sarah Marshall shares how to use IFTTT to get an email alert every time a particular Twitter user tweets.
  • Journalism.co.uk has an article about how Al Jazeera’s AJ+ community is targeting engagement with millennials. This is particularly interesting in light of The World’s upcoming vertical called SafeMode (mum’s the word so far, but we’ll have something public to share with you soon about this).
  • I just discovered trends24.in, a page that identifies the top Twitter trending topics around the world. I can’t wait to dive in.

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