Some #socjourn Twitter lists

I have set up a few Twitter lists that tell me everything I need to know about social journalism. I check in once or twice a day to get the latest and greatest.

…And although it’s a bit unwieldy with 246 members, Craig Kanalley’s “Rising Stars in SocJourn” Twitter list is excellent and comprehensive.

If subscribing to Twitter lists isn’t your thing, here are 10 individual accounts that never fail to inform, entertain and inspire:

  • Twitter Reverb: An internal feed from the Twitter data team that visualizes trending conversations
  • Twitter for News: A Twitter account that shares highlights from notable Twitter chats and changes to the platform itself.
  • Zeynep Tufekci: Tweets the most wonderful insights about the sociology of social media.
  • Jennifer Preston: The first social media editor at the New York Times.
  • Eric Carvin: Obsessed with verification and social media ethics. In the best way possible.
  • Amanda Zamora: Does great work with community building and engagement at ProPublica.
  • Mandy Jenkins: Takes social media journalism seriously. Just joined Storyful as an “open news editor.”
  • Elliott Higgins, aka “Brown Moses”: Founder of Bellingcat, verifying photos and videos on social media in real time.
  • David Carr: Media Equation column on media innovation and (reluctantly) social media. Brings an old-media perspective to social.
  • Teresa Gorman: Tweets takeaways from the NPR Digital Services training that she runs.

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