A few thoughts from ONA

Today my colleague Jonathan Kealing and I presented a few lessons learned from this year’s Online News Association Conference in Chicago.

  • Your audience is on Facebook. Be on Facebook.
  • Social media means mobile. If someone is reading our stuff online, there’s a 50% chance that person is reading it on a smartphone. And that number is only going to increase.
  • In the next year, you might hear the terms “glance journalism” and “chat apps” being thrown around. Don’t panic.
  • Clickbait haters rejoice! Smart people are figuring out how to emphasize attention online, rather than clicks (which tend to favor Justin Bieber and cats).

Here’s my deck from the presentation:

We also spoke a bit about the apps and tools we were most excited to learn about.

  • Reverb: A new way to discover news trending around the world. Top news is organized by topic – you tap on the keyword for more info. The app also adapts to your interests depending on who you follow on Twitter and Facebook and what they’re tweeting/posting about. Desktop link: https://helloreverb.com/
  • Tame.it: Analyzes the last 24 hours of your Twitter followers conversations and presents a real time analysis of popular content, topics or people. You can also set it up to follow conversations on specific lists or Twitter searches. Desktop link: https://tame.it/
  • Banjo: Organizes social signals by time and location. Curates breaking news and events, so you can zoom into something that’s happening to see content being posted in real time. Desktop link: http://ban.jo/
  • Yahoo News Digest: 8-10 stories twice a day, once in the morning, once in the evening. They’re summarized and designed for sharing, and annotated with social media, links and other media.
  • Secret: The most nebulous connection to journalism. It’s what people are talking about when they don’t worry who is watching. Interesting view on the human brain, and also potentially tips on emerging social issues.
  • Nuzzel: All about helping you control the fire hose. It looks at your feeds, and aggregates them based on how often they’re being shared by your friends. You can receive push notifications and emails based on thresholds you set. If 10, 15, 20, 3 of my my friends share this, I want to know. Desktop link: http://nuzzel.com/

I’ll also be sharing a few of my thoughts on ONA in tomorrow’s NPR Digital Services webinar. Follow the conversation using the hashtag #pubtraining.


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