Boston Herald’s Garfinkel on Instagram filters

Last week, Boston Herald photographer Mark Garfinkel shared some of his work with Dan Kennedy’s Digital Journalism class at Northeastern University.

It was fascinating to hear about his work, and how he rushes to the scene of fires, accidents, fights, or any news-worthy event by listening to police scanners or hearing from a network of contacts that he’s built up over his career.

Garfinkel recently joined Instagram, and I was interested to hear about his opinion about filters. His stance on the issue was unequivocal: Never alter a news image or something that is meant to relay critical factual information. If the shot is artsy and communicates only beauty or a unique perspective on a person, place or thing, light filters or distortion is OK. I agree with Garfinkel in drawing a clear line with news photographs, and have taught the same thing in my newsroom: If you are dealing with a news photo, use Instagram as a photo sharing platform, not an image enhancer or manipulator.


This morning’s #Boston #sunrise, as I saw it over Graves Light #lighthouse

View on Instagram


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