Who’s doing good journalism on Reddit?

For my final project I’d love to do a deep dive into how journalists around greater Boston are using Reddit.

As Ben Branstetter wrote last week, Reddit has become a rich resource for editors and journalists. Stories are broken on the platform and oftentimes the platform becomes the story in itself (as we saw right here in Boston during the Marathon manhunt). As journalists figure out how to use the platform responsibly, many have learned how to leverage the site for their own reporting and still others have created their own official presence on the site.

One news organization that has invested significant resources into Reddit is BostInno, which launched its own subreddit about a year ago. I want to speak with the social media editors at BostInno about their strategy on Reddit, and the role Reddit plays in their larger goals as a journalism organization. I hope to interview one of the moderators of the BostInno subreddit as my primary interview.

I’ve made contact with Maggie Kolb of Streetwise Media, the digital media company who owns and manages BostInno, about visiting the offices and speaking with the social media team. I am also planning to interview two or three others about their use of Reddit in their reporting, such as Matt Lee, a moderator of the /r/boston subreddit; Chris Peterson, who teaches the “Credit for Reddit” course at MIT; Adrienne Lavidor-Berman, the social media editor at Boston.com and the Boston Globe; Mel Kramer, who launched the NPR subreddit; and Victoria Taylor, Reddit’s Director of Communications.

I hope to use the interviews I conduct in person as the baseline of my video piece, which would parallel my text story on the work of BostInno on the platform. The photo story would ideally be a snapshot of a specific story with origins in Reddit that NPR, Boston.com or the BostInno team finds and chases. The photography would follow the genesis of the reporting from online to in the field.


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  1. Carol Green says:

    Tory, this sounds great. You will have to explain all the subtexts to me over Thanksgiving.
    I do want to try to understand this new world of yours.

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