Behind the curtain with two social newsgatherers

This week we’ve had two in-depth looks into the newsgathering process of two social-first journalism outfits: Storyful and Reportedly.

On Tuesday, Storyful held an AMA on Reddit where they answered questions about the origins of the organization, their process verifying information on social, and helping journalists receive proper credit for their work on social media. They also asked a question themselves about a journalists’ role on Reddit, asking many of the same questions I tackled last month on this blog. Read the entire AMA here.

This week, Nieman Lab, Poynter and the Columbia Journalism Review all wrote about‘s debut and coverage of the Charlie Hebdo shootings (I also wrote my own dispatch). “The venture is an important step for a news industry still grappling with how to best utilize social-media tools, especially on breaking news,” wrote David Uberti for CJR. Click through to read the Nieman and Poynter articles, respectively.



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