AM Digest: The Trending Three

Here at The World, we’re experimenting with a morning email called the “Trending Three,” a quick summary of what’s happening on social for our newsroom to keep an eye on as they start their day. The three topics each day: 1) The World’s best performing post/tweet on social, 2) a newsroom kudos, and 3) what’s trending.

Here is today’s Trending Three.

1. MVP post: Are you surprised? The cat café post on Facebook was our most successful yesterday, with 18k reached, 65 comments and 72 shares.

2. Tonight the #WorldWatches the State of the Union. This SOTU will be right in The World’s wheelhouse. With the President’s focus on international affairs, I want to get a good team tweeting their takeaways and adding context from our coverage. Max and I will be watching with Safemode issues in mind; Monica and Shefali will do the same with Global Nation. Please let me know if you plan to watch and live tweet as well.

3. Trending today: People are talking about tonight’s SOTU (#SOTU, #SOTU2015, and #StateoftheUnioninThreeWords), the latest ISIS video showing Japanese hostages, death of Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman, the first organ transplant on a newborn in the UK, the death of actress Anne Kirkbride (#AnneKirkbride), and the invoice a 5-year-old received after missing a birthday party in Torpoint, England. Also, it’s #BBCDemocracyDay.

If you want to know what I’m seeing on social as the day breaks, follow me on Twitter. I’ll tweet a summary of the Trending Three email when I send it out to the newsroom.


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