The #WorldWatches

Tonight, our newsroom will be live-tweeting the President’s State of the Union address with the hashtag #worldwatches. The idea is to provide helpful context on the global repercussions to Obama’s words — something we’ve been covering extensively on air and online.

Add #worldwatches to your Twitter stream to hear from various voices in our newsroom, including:
-Marco Werman, host                             @MarcoWerman
-Patrick Cox, language editor                 @patricox
-Peter Thomson, environment editor      @bluepearmain
-Steven Davy, web editor                       @sdavy
-Traci Tong, producer                             @tracitong
-Monica Campbell, Global Nation editor @monica_campbell
-Shefali Kulkarni, Global Nation producer @shefalikulkarni
-Stephen Snyder, producer                     @StephenProducer
-Matthew Bell, reporter                           @matthewjbell

I love it when our newsroom comes together like this. The depth of knowledge and context that our reporters and producers bring to an event like this is unparalleled.

If you aren’t on Twitter — don’t worry! You can still “watch” with us via the embedded stream below.


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