Boston Magazine’s #Thanks4Boston

I am loving everything about Boston Magazine’s latest social media campaign. They’re giving out $10,000 worth of gift cards at 10 locations, rewarding Boston residents who are going out and spending money to support the city’s economy (which has been wrecked by the last four storms).

They’re going to be randomly picking up the tab at restaurants, and dropping hints at where they’ll be on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This does the following things:

1) Encourages people to follow their social accounts – and gives them an actionable reason to do so
2) Raises awareness of the Best of Boston awards
3) Gives back to the community they serve
4) Appeals to people’s love of contests and mystery campaigns on social.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the hashtag over the next couple of days for further insights. Leave your thoughts in the comments below: What else is the Boston Mag team tapping into that I’m missing? What could they be doing better?


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  1. Carol Green says:

    how about one dinner, and 1 for free. it would double the # of dinners..AND Diners love

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