Reddit’s internal move outward

Recent moves by Reddit are really interesting.

Historically, the Reddit community has bristled when journalists and aggregators take stories that originated on the platform (check out my look into this history and advice for journalists on the social network).

But a few months ago Reddit launched “Upvoted,” a podcast highlighting stories from the Reddit community. I love it. The voice of the podcast is Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian himself, and in each episode he highlights an incredible/crazy/ridiculous/touching story that has surfaced on the social network.

Now, Reddit has announced they’re launching a weekly newsletter to highlight the same kind of “only on Reddit” stories. It’s an internally-sanctioned move outward.

The move makes complete sense. Take this quote from the Reddit spokesperson to Fast Company: “We are hoping this opens the door to Reddit ‘lurkers’ who will eventually become more involved in community discussions and content creation.”

In other words: Neither well-intentioned journalists nor evil “content aggregators” have done the Reddit community right by lifting stories and images and posting them elsewhere. Take a page from Upvoted, and see how to do it: Tell the larger story while recognizing, celebrating and participating in the original Reddit community that gave that story a voice in the first place.


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